Access to heater blower switch

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Access to heater blower switch

Post by Gixerman60 »

Once again Haynes is silent on this. Many article suggest removing whole dash! But its so easy to get to. Pull of knob. Prise off the panel with a screwdriver which is held on by a couple of push fit connectors - not sure of correct name. No need to even take off plastic ends of heater control levers, and move to left. there is switch which you pull out. Will add photo later. 

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Re: Access to heater blower switch

Post by Stesaw »

Heater blower switch should slide sideways for you to then be able to take it out if I recall.. although that might be the rear heater control. The main control might be just held onto the dash with a metal clip with a push fit... I'd have to go check  :roll:
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