New starter still giving problems

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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Re: New starter still giving problems

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Where did you get your strap from? I measured mine and its approx 40cmx2cm

maxstu wrote:That's how my engine earth cable looked. Going slightly green between the wires. No captive nut I think. Just a cut thread in panel. Cut a new one with a self tapper and using an impact gun...but make a small pilot drill hole first....about 3mm. Then clean away a little paint with sandpaper. Clean both ends thoroughly too.

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Re: New starter still giving problems

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Didnt buy new. Removed it. Placed in a bowl off clutch cleaner, then a set about it with a fine wire brush for cleaning suede shoes...not that l have a pair of suede anything :lol: lt came out a lot cleaner and copper colour but looking slightly hairy from brushing too hard.
Not saying it will solve anything. But least it another tick off the list.
In my case poor starting with usual clickety click and no turning over. And very hot to touch starter. Even with engine cold. Earth strap to starter battery shorting to drivers' seat rail was one issue. Change earth cable as core was discoloured.Then a friend of mine held engine earth strap to act as an earth to ground and starter performed better but not great. Not sure if this really works until you have lead soled shoes. Finally starter expired so bought new.
No issues since. So a combination of things really. Yet l keep all earths squeaky clean in engine bay.
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Re: New starter still giving problems

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Wouldn't one of those old Snap-on remote starters work? Not that I'd fancy starting an auto remotely
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