T 25 Kerbside Dimensions

Post it here, if it doesn't fit any of the above.

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T 25 Kerbside Dimensions

Post by robthos »

Hi All,

Can some kind soul provide a newcomer to T25's with the overall length and width including mirrors of the bog standard T 25 camper ( ie. Transporter)

Many thanks,


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Re: T 25 Kerbside Dimensions

Post by Hacksawbob »

Hi and welcome most things are to be found in the wiki see the link at the top of the page, it fully searchable. Heres one page to get you going
http://wiki.club8090.co.uk/index.php/Sc ... easurments
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Re: T 25 Kerbside Dimensions

Post by kevtherev »

here's a T shirt design I did (That I still haven't sorted out )

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Re: T 25 Kerbside Dimensions

Post by Oldiebut goodie »


I can send you the pdf which is clearer if you want it.
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