Alloy wheels

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Alloy wheels

Post by jimmcgregor »

Are audi alloy wheels ok to fit on my bus, How much modifying does it require to get them on? The pcd is right but dont know much about offset and bore size, Can anyone help with this?

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Re: Alloy wheels

Post by scoobydrew »

Try looking here. ... ive_wheels

The WIKI at the top of the forum page is a good knowledge for all stuff.

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Re: Alloy wheels

Post by Cruz »

jimmcgregor wrote: How much modifying does it require to get them on?
useable offset on the wheels

Correct wheel pcd

Correct bolt hole diameter

Correct wheel centre bore

Spacers to correct the offset and clear any suspension issues

Longer bolts/studs (studs need pressing out of the rear hubs and new ones pressing in)

Tapered or radius seat nuts/bolts

Correct sized tyres to keep the rolling radius the same as well as adequately rated tyres

etc etc etc

Or spend ££££££ of the ugly-ish original spec multivan alloys