Robsey's Rusty Wreck.

Thin bits of metal and bright blue light. Including glass & trim.

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Re: Robsey's Rusty Wreck.

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New rollers, circlip, locking pin and guide received.
Frightening how a few piddley bits in a jiffy bag can cost so much.
Anyway - here is everything fitted this lunchtime.

The main middle hinge and runner.
New roller and guide.


The bolt for the new guide was too short and only came with a plain half nut.

And the roller is held in by a pin that needs to be knocked out and back in with a suitable sized pin-punch.

I fitted a longer bolt and a low profile nyloc nut. Even the simplest jobs should be done properly.


A new locking pin for the remote locking unit.



And the bottom runner.

New roller, felt seal and circlip.

That vertical roller is a damn tight fit, so I have no idea why VW think you need a circlip to keep it on.

The roller had to be held in a vice, whilst the location shaft was knocked out with a pin-punch.

The new bearing was pressed back onto the shaft using a deep 8mm double-hex socket.

One more job ticked off from the list.
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