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NB. There are three contributions to this subject, dependent upon your T25's wiring standard

Late Van (Requires relay fitting only)

Matt: Go to scrapyard; find vw; open glove box; pull out relay with No. 19 on it

Put in fuse box into position 10 (remove metal insert)

Remove plastic shrouds from steering column

Take out white plastic plug "voila" intermittant wipers !!!

File:Inter wipers.jpg File:Wipers 2.jpg File:Wipers 3.jpg

Vans with wash/wipe but no intermittent wipers already have the relay, so just pull off the steering column cover and pull out the white gizmo from the switch, enabling your switch to move down a notch, and giving you intermittent wipers!

info from 80-90 users guz & rob; posted by lloyd:

No. 19 relay (part number 321-995-531A) is pre set intermittent relay. (out of old golf or whatever)

No. 99 relay (part number 357 955 531) is variable intermittent relay. (out of higher spec golf mk2 on and similar sized vw, relays fitted to Audi's don't work)

If you use the no. 99 relay you can vary the time between wipes!

To set intermittent wipe time, turn intermittent wipers on then off again. Count the seconds for the delay you want between wipes and turn back on again. The variable delay is now set.

Early Van (non-Blade style fuses)

2. Keith&Sylvia's website: Wiring guide for early vans (Blade fuses)

Early Van (Non-Blade style fuses)

3. CRUZ: Fitting Intermittent wipers to an early T25

File:Inter wipe 6.jpg

One thing that annoyed me on my camper was the lack of an intermittent wiper option, especially when it was spitting. | (Everybody in. It's spitting!!!!)

I could only put the wipers on continuous and I discovered that in their wisdom VW rarely fitted the option on early vans and even ommited them from later vans even though they installed the wiring.

Here's a guide on how to fit the option to an early T25 (mine is a 1983 model with ceramic fuses). There is a guide to the easier method of installing it to later blade fuse models For vehicles with blade fuses See: First job is to get down to the scrapyard and pick up relay number 321 955 531A (as in above picture). These can be found on most 1982-90 VW's, they also have a big 19 stamped on them. I got 3 from my local scrapyard for £5.

IMPORTANT Disconnect the battery before commencing and use properly insulated crimped connectors and solder

Remove the plastic steering column surround by removing the two retaining screws underneath.

Then remove the white retaining clip as shown in the next three pictuers. This will now give you a third intermittent down position on your wiper switch arm.
File:Inter wipe 1.jpg File:Inter wipe 2.jpg File:Inter wipers.jpg
Right now for the wiring. I consulted the Bentley wiring diagram (fig. 4) which shows the relay as it should be incorporated in the system. Being lazy I couldn't be bothered to wire the relay up so it fitted in the relay fuse box so i wired it up next to the wiper switch on the steering column.
File:Inter wipe 8.jpg
After removing the wiper switch harness (figs. 5 & 6) I noticed that the terminals were marked like the above diagram.

And from that I came up with the following diagram of what I was going to do. (fig 7)

File:Inter wipe 9.jpg

NOTE: Position J in the indicator switch has no connector or wire to it so you need to create one. The easiest way is to purchase a 1/8" female lucar connector as shown below. This when crimped will push into the switch plug and lock in place. Feed your wire through position J (the way it would be if it were being connected to the indicator switch), crimp the wire to the lucar then push the lucar back into the J position in the switch connector block

File:Lucar.jpg 1/8" female lucar connector

Fig. 8 shows the relay wired up. Now all I had to do then is secure it to the steering column and replace the steering column cover (figs 9 and 10)

File:Inter wipe 5.jpg File:Inter wipe 10.jpg File:Inter wipe 7.jpg

Reconnect the battery and you will now have intermittent wipers that will also wipe 4 times when you activate the screen washer. GOOD LUCK!!!
Written by Shaun Fielding (Cruz on club80-90)

Shaun's original article linked here

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