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Slow and intermittent wiper speed problems

SiverBullet: I know that this is a classic fault and I should know the answer...

OK. One click down for intermittent, sometimes (very rarely) works. Usually just goes wipe#click#wipe#click at usual slow speed. I can hear the relay clicking between every wipe.

Up two positions to slow wipe, nothing.

Up again to fast and that works ok.

Switch off and it parks with the blades about 20 dgrees above horizontal. Same for wash/wipe, parks in the wron place. So...more than one fault or just a dicky front wiper relay?

Simon Baxter: Motor relies on the slow speed working for it to park.

Intermittant is also on the shunt winding.

When you're on high speed and turn it off it slows down to the shunt winding then parks.

If the motor is knacked and the low speed doesn't work then it will never work on intermittent, nor will it park.

Try a relay but suspect the motor is kerfurtled!

SilverBullet: Thanks Simon, I swapped the relay and normal wiper service is resumed :)