Steering and Suspension Seized top shock nut

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mrmuch: Seized up top shock absorber nut - difficult access

Before I get the blow torch out (last resort) has anyone any handy tips on undoing the top nut on the front shock absorber?

I've WD40'd it and tapped it to try to break the rust seal, but still no joy.

Those 6mm flats on the shaft are a bit of a let down - you just can't put any force on it, rounds off in no time. Mole grips seem to hold it ok but still the nut really is stuck can't budge it.

The blow torch is really a last resort as I don't want to wreck/melt the top rubber.

Any tips please?

trickdicky: Not had to use it on the T25 yet, but when it comes to fiddly grinding and cutting I use my Dremmel with a cut off-wheel. They are pretty expensive but well worth the investment. Failing that the B&Q type places do Dremmal look-a-likes.

HarryMann: No Dremel? - then just hacksaw it off - either a 10" or a Terry saw, there must be a way to get in there, get as high an angle as possible and V-notch if can't cut down the side of thread in one go; then with a helper dollying it with a club hammer, peel it apart with screwdriver or chisel to split it right off if the hacksawing hasn't loosened it enough in the first place - which if accurately done often will.

NB. Use quality blades, 24 or even 32 tpi, anything less is for thick soft metal like ally. A good blade will go through almost any nut like butter! Don't rush it, one accurate cut is better than making a dog's dinner of it to save 20 seconds.

Alternatively, dolly it well with a club behind, and use this technique to shock it loose.. Bolt/Nut punch (drift)

mrmuch: Cheers guys, spotted in the machine mart catalogue a nut splitting tool for about 8 bucks I'm gonna buy one to add to the tool collection. Even if i don't use it, i'm sure it'll come in handy one day, but it does seem to be the tool for the job!

HarryMann: Yes, that should do it! Or a good blade in a padsaw, good luck!

mrmuch: Job done, Used Harryman's hacksaw method in the end, easy job with plenty of space to get a full sized hacksaw in, I'd even say its quicker to just cut the nut off than to undo the dam thing! Cheers