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Qu. Stimpy: The van is a 1980 or '81 air cooled 2 litre petrol model. Is the fact that the oil light came on just indicative of something minor and not a whole engine replacement job? Am I worrying uneccesarily?

Mocki: Jon, change the oil pressure sender, its only pence and it easy to do, hell, if i was closer i'd come and look, but finances wont allow the 200 miles trip.

Grun: I have an old copy of Autobooks covering the Type 4 engine, and the figures quoted for oil pressures are:-

Pressure at 2500 rev/min 42 psi (3 bar)

Minimum pressure at 2500 rev/min 28 psi (2 Bar)

Pressure switch opens at 2.1 to 6.4 psi (0.15 to 0.45 bar)

The switch itself seems to be quite accessible on the top left rear of the crankcase. (Looks to be just forward of the distributor in the rather poor photo.)

Like Mocki says Jon, change the sender (pressure switch) and check that the light is off with the electrical connection to the switch disconnected and not earthed. If the light comes on with the engine running and new switch fitted, and wiring connected, you have a problem with oil pressure, not electrics/indication.

Hope this may be of some help.

HarryMann: That's great Grun, and to see how bad that problem is its worth having a utility pressure gauge connected up for a quick test. Most garages will have one with a range of adaptor threads

See this too: Dashboard oil pressure warnings and causes, pressure sensors etc.

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