Petrol engines Ignition advance curves

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Above: Centrifugal advance curves only (for comparison)

Max Vacuum advance is quoted as 12~16 degrees for both DG and DJ (see below)

SteveW: Using a 2.1 DJ distributor for a 1.9 DG

I think that they are probably close enough and the engine is running a treat on LPG and a quick check on 98 ron seems Ok too.

HarryMann: Good to use the correct distributor if you have one, though the curves do look the same slope after the first 250 rpm and the DJ may not advance as much at high rpm (the table of ign. setting checks below is not the full story (i.e. they are just waypoints on the curve and don't necessarily indicate the maximum centr. advance for that distributor - IMHO)

DG and DJ Ignition timing settings
Setting 1.9 DG 2.1 DJ
Static timing 5°±1° BTDC@900±50 10°±1° BTDC@800
Adv. check 1 0°-2°@1500 0°-2°@1050
Adv. check 2 10°-14°@2400 2°-6°@1300
Adv. check 3 24°-28°@4200 12°-16°@2400
Vacuum adv. 12°-16° 12°-16°

Timing a DH or DJ, technique.

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