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VIN No. Frame No. Engine No.

VIN No. (Vehicle Identification No.)

VIN codes - decyphering

Frame No. (Chassis No.) denoted by F

e.g. 24-K-000 001

Engine No. denoted by M

e.g. JX 088 292

Transmission No. denoted by G

e.g. NK 01 007

Main Dealer

As of March 08 you can only order VW T25 parts from the commercial van centres not the retail golf and passat sales rooms as you could previously.

When visiting your VW main dealer this is what you need to be saying: "I am looking for a part for my T2 Transporter, the chassis number is XXXXX and it was registered in 198X" parts changed over the years the chassis number will help identify exactly which part is required for your van. VW use a piece of software called ETKA, this can be 'acquired' unofficially for personal use which can aid in sourcing parts. Some parts are begining to become rare, and some which have low demand are no longer available. However VW to their credit will ship items from Germany at no extra cost. VW parts counter staff will not understand the following, T25 Type25 Wedge etc as these are entusiast derived names. The attitude at a dealer can vary from pride that one of their vehicles is still on the road to downright snobby rudeness.

HarryMann: I believe T25 is an official designation used for our Type 3 T2s, by VW UK (though younger staff will not know and go just by the ETKA T2 (bus) designation for vehicle year)

Note that many VW parts distributors are just franchised by VW UK, and some require presence in person to take a credit card payment of a back-ordered (Germany) part and appearance again to collect (usually from one to two weeks) - something to do with poor authentication practices in the past e.g. Wayside Parts in the Milton Keynes area insist on this. You should never be asked to pay more than the official ETKA price however they source the part, as there is only one price, which always seems to carry a big premium for those bits you cannot source easily elsewhere e.g. some oils seals (can be £17~£27 ea.), even some special bolts (£13/ea.!) They should always quote you the price over the phone and unless stated it will be ex-VAT.

NB. Other businesses than official VW UK sanctioned parts counters also stock and order genuine VW parts, purchasing directly from Germany.

Major parts like some engines and gearboxes cannot now be obtained from VW. If you can avoid it, don't chuck away stuff like good gearbox casings (esp. syncro), engine blocks etc. Many smaller parts in good or serviceable condition now have an intrinsic value to someone, somewhere - club80-90 provides a medium for finding someone looking for that part and quite often, getting it to them quickly.

VW Classic Parts Centre (Germany)

Cruz: You may not be aware that some parts listed by VW in the UK as obsolete are still available from VW in Germany.

This is how to do it using the English Language version of their website.

Goto the website:

Click Availability check on the right

In new window: Click Access without prior registration

Search for Part Number (i.e. 253801252)

If the part is still on file the search will list the part you want with a price in Euros and a colour coding

Green = Available Yellow = Limited availability Blue = Available shortly Red = No longer available (usually part is not found by the search)

Select the quantity you require and Add to cart

Then Click Edit shopping cart, then Click Continue

Fill in the Availability Request form fully including an email address (double check its correct!)

VW Classic Parts will then Reply via email with a price quote including shipping.

You can then either Reply with your credit card details (safer than debit cards imo) or ring them direct to order if you're brave.

I'm sure they speak sufficient English given the replies I have got from them in the past.

I bought an o/s inner sill from them which worked out the same price as a n/s sill from the UK even with shipping.

Forum post and discussion on VW Classic Parts Acqusition

VW Classic Parts Centre

phade: How to get parts from VW Classic Parts

For example: You can get the original rocker cover from VW Classicparts Centre in Wolfsburg (part of VAG).

Thier website is [1]

VAG Part Numbers (required):-

Rocker Cover: 021 101 471

Rocker Cover Gaskets: 021 101 481

These covers are fairly cheap and are worth the money.

To order them, go to thier website then do the following:-

- Click on Aktionsangebot

- Ring them up on the phone number shown on that page. This will create a new customer number for you. You can then email them with your credit/debit card details. Make absolutely certain that there are no viruses nor spyware on your computer before you do this !!

- The parts should then arrive in approximately 10 days or less. The customer number will appear on the invoice (where it says Kundenummer).

If you need to order any parts from them on future orders then do the following:-

- Go into the website [2]

- Click on Verfügbarkeitsabfrage (availability question)

- A new window (or tab if you are using Firefox) will now appear

- Click Zugang ohne vorherige Registrierung

- Type in the part number without the space in the Teilenummer (part number) text box

- Click on the finden! button

- A list will now appear. Green means in stock, yellow means in stock outside Wolfsburg and red means unavailable

- Type in the Menge text box the number of items you want

- Click on Positionen uebernehmen (places the parts in your shopping basket)

When you have finished adding items to your shopping basket then click on the Warenkorb bearbeiten then Anfrage fertigstellen. This opens up an enquiry form. Fill it in then click Abschicken (ask them about availabilty and for a qoute on how much they will cost. You can leave the german in the comments box or ask in english as they understand english as the reply will be in english).

They will them email you back with a PDF file and if you wish to go ahead with the order, then you will need to reply back (to the email address who sent you the qoute) with your full payment details.

and Phade added

Just to clarify, [ VW Classic Parts Centre] is actually VAG (Volkswagen A.G.) in Wolfsburg which is part of the main VW "factory" area, which in nearly every case is a lot better than any VAG dealer in the U.K. (Ed. VW Classic Parts known to be gettinga bit pricey - as of 2008 for recently 'deleted' VW Commercial parts)

You can very easily get parts from them, especially when you use ETKA or ETOS to get the part numbers. This will be a very usefull piece to everyone who is struggling to get bits for thier van.

Another note on the type 2 T3, a few of the parts sadly cannot be found on and has to be ordered from South Africa via, which is based in Blaine, Washington (USA).

VWlewis: Help with German Translation when dealing with Use this link ( Google translate is also good

VW South Africa parts

The bus depot, Blaine, Washington for US users to get VW South Africa Parts (Caution: www.busdepot dot com might be a dodgy link!)