General VIN codes - decyphering

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The VIN is stamped into the off side chassis outrigger on the side facing the rear of the van.

It is also available on the white sticker on your A pillar inside the front door, this also contains the paint code.

VIN codes

Option Codes

Here is an example that Andy posted for a syncro doka

Model code: 247 3AA: Typ 2 Double Cab Syncro

82KW DJ engine

ALK 5sp. gearbox

Interior trim: AB (Standard Grey cloth)

Paint code: L90D





M552: Additional heater in passenger compartment


M855: 205R16 "Semperit" tyres for 16" Syncro

M975: Supplementary heater, Webasto BBw 46.10

M984: Rectangular headlamps

M 642 water freeze protection until -35 degrees for cold climate

M 975 Webasto heater (for diesel DBW64 für petrol BBW46)

Paint Codes

L90D = White, standard Transporter colour. Actually it's not a pure white its slightly off white.