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General Storage Do's & Don'ts

Big Vern:: Does anyone have any tips on keeping the inside of my 1990 VW Transporter Leisuredrive dry during winter? 

I would appreciate any help. I am also a new member of this club and I think it is really cool loads of info. Many Thanks

gdr77: Hi there I am in the same boat I have just got a cover for a caravan and put it over and disconnected the battery.

billiemaye: Hi welcome to the club Big Vern, your best bet is to use it every now and again,whether for camping or just give it a run now and again.

They dont like standing around, we hook our camper up to the garage and have a fan heater on inside, just to keep it dry.

It's great as sometimes if I come in late of a night out, I nip in the van and kip, rather than wake up the Mrs and kids. :-)

jaylo264: Covers may not be the best thing apparently (gdr77 , see my posting on highlanddubbers ?) I would defo put one end up on ramps, at least, and let air flow as much as possible.

HarryMann: Yes, covers - often heard and probably true - covering up is a double edged sword, condensation that never dries out fully on a warm day.

First make sure any raising roofs or even high tops are not leaking - that's definitely No. 1

If you prop it one end, make sure water doesn't drip into the rear louvre vents.. Dripping air-vent syndrome Cumbriankeith said: We always make sure the camper is parked slightly nose down - and I've extended the gutters so the water runs away quietly down the tailgate-shut area.)

Open the rear tailgate right up after heavy rainy periods to see if water drips out of the drains at the bottom... if so repeat every time it rains  :)

If possible park it where the sun shines for some of the day, but block the windows from direct sunlight light somehow if stored for long periods in summer. Leave the handbrake off and chock it.

If you do get an unseasonably warm dry day and can't take it for a drive, then open the tailgate and slider for an hour or two at midday, shutting it up [i]well before[/i] the dew comes down.

dink: Use it all year round! My bus stands outside 365 and gets used year round, slept in any time of the year. Whenever there's a chance for a night out in it, it goes out...

But as Billiemaye says, just make a point of going touring in it every so often to get the engine fully warmed up and the interior well dried out, so choose a nice weekend every once in a while and drive for at least an hour and crack the windows open a bit once the heater gets going up. Don't just take it around the block - not good!

Coolant maintenance

Make sure the coolant system has had it's 3 yearly coolant change and the anti-freeze is up to full strength (50/50) to prevent cooling system corrosion, which will get it if this has been neglected...



Devon Brick: Just took my van out of hibernation and it's had a mouse in in it!

Of all the things it could chew it decided to make a feast of the cab headlining :shock: it put three holes in it each the size of a fifty pence .If you intend not using for a while set some mouse traps in it(humane ones of course).