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Hacksawbob: Here is my solution to the annoying drip that you get, usually in the middle of the night...

... 6" from your head in a kind of Chinese T25 torture. Doesn't tend to occur (or you don't notice it) during rain; it is after it stops and the flow from the roof is just at the right amount, however if you park under a tree the drips can go on all night.

What I have done is attach a cable tie to the bottom two slats on the vents then push it back so it is right on the curve of the bottom rear edge, it acts as a guide to direct water away from the vent.

Also be aware that the area where the water collects on the void to the left and right of the engine bay has no drain point, so it is worth drilling a drain point in this area then cleaning out with wire brush + Hoovering before waxoyling. The phrase 'can of worms' may spring to mind as 15 years of drip, drip, drip may have taken its toll. To get into the right hand side of the engine bay you will need to remove the plastic air intake panel which may be rusted on.

HSBob's 300KB of dripping action! - Very clever Bob :) (HM)

Use VLC to play this file

Wee Bugger: I 'fixed' similar using a 12" strip of wide electrical tape folded lengthways...

...and formed into an inverted T shape, with the sticky side along the 'top' (actually the bottom) of the T and stuck it along the back edge of the body next to the vent. Took a few attempts to get folding right. worked perfectly - since took it off to replace with a strip of foam door surround insulation that you get in a big roll from DIY stores amout 5mm x 5mm profile. (not actually replaced it yet though)

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