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Cruz: If your unfortunate enough to have rotten inner sills then they are still available from VW in Wolfsburg Germany

As of Nov 08 I bought the left (nearside RHD) inner sill from VW in the UK for about £75. At the time they said it was the 2nd to last one in stock and I know for a fact someone bought another one so they may well be obsolete like the right (offside RHD) sill. (Obsolete according to UK VW Vancentres)

Never fear as if you follow the instructions on using the website in the wiki Here they have both sills in stock (Indormation correct as of October 30th, 2008). The offside sill cost me 100.78 Euros which is about £79 and that was delivered to my door within 3 days!!!!

253-801-251 left side member (nearside inner sill RHD)

253-801-252 right side member (offside inner sill RHD

Here's a picture of a very rare sight in the UK, both sills together. Like hens teeth

Right inner sill.jpg

HarryMann: Availability update:

Scofield's stall at Stanford Hall (Sunday, May 3rd, 2009) had both available, one genuine VE (£125), one their own (£90 ish cheaper)

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