Areas that rust - Front jacking points

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This is the sliding door(more difficult) side . 

You can see the sliding-door runner channel, the cut and bent-back jacking frame (almost essential for any repair in this area, or cut it off altogether) the cross-member's shear-web (panel behind the front wheel) and cantilever beam that's flanged and spotted to the lower sill filler plate (which is what rusts and here cut-away). All this is below the 'B' pillar, inside of which can just see bottoms of two stiffening channel sections, the front one of which takes loads from outer jacking frame attachments upwards. It's a bit of a jig-saw puzzle and acces is grim unless you remove or cut-away the front wing.

To get to this state, a good few spot-welds need to be ground or drilled out (preferred method), and the rusty lower-sill, outer side sill cut away, right back till the metal is good and back to normal thickness from wafer thin...

The arrow shows the channel section that takes vertical jacking loads internally. NB. More of the structure was cut away before repair began

Rust jacking-point NS 01.jpg

Some sill filler plates (=> 1.2mm) and other strengthening sections:

Sill outer ns 01.jpg

Sill bottom filler 01.jpg

Typical outer-sill section (1.7mm used as near jacking point) Sill Outer Type 02.jpg

At least 6 repair sections were made-up to finish the job... MIGing in some internal areas was difficult.

About half-way through the process of rebuilding the front j/p, surrounding sill and reinforcements:

Rust jacking-point NS 02.jpg