Areas that rust - Front seat-belt anchors

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Front seat side belt anchor rust 00.jpg

metalmick8y: Repair plate. Note the adequate penetration of welds holding anchor-nut doubler plate

Front seat side belt anchor rust 02.jpg I went to have a poke at the driverside one, seemed solid but gave it a rive/ryve Oh and a good tug and it then moved a bit - so I yanked it about with a pair of vice grips and

Front seat side belt anchor rust 01.jpg

The metal is shiny but here it is out, full story on my other thread, so give it a good tugging cos if it comes out now it will if you have a bump!

This is the front seat belt anchor plate and nut, which resides on the panel just outside of the front seats.


[HM] See pre-made anchor plates in Featured Parts