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The std. seatbelt anchor bolt is 7/16" UNF (20 TPI) The best way to effect a repair (see forum topic) is to use an anchor plate with pre-welded nut, but repair and reinforce if necessary, the whole supporting area before welding in the new plate. Weld plate from the back of panel of course, seat-belt bolt goes through panel, through anchor-plate and into anchor-nut.

1) Brickwerks mail-order - £0-67p /each (+ mail-order charge, if not part of another order)

Seatbelt anchornut BWerks 01.jpg

2) Just Kampers mail-order JK £3-00 /ea. or £8-10/ pair (with 2 extra nuts, maybe for double-locking bolt, if access permits?) £5 mail-order delivery

3) Securon s/b anchor plates - Almost impossible to obtain at a sensible delivery charge, despite the fact that they list them. (I tried as Securon local firm, yet after being shoved from pillar to post, eventually got a price delivered via countless intermediate stor-countersat £36 + this + that for 6 off - @|@ - HM)