ZIG DCU/3 on a Legend GL

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ZIG DCU/3 on a Legend GL

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Hi all,

Just purchased a Legend GL autosleeper from 1992 with pretty minimal instructions attached, so I come to you with an extremely basic question: I’ve got an electric control panel (ZIG MC 2000) to the left of the door as I enter (above the fridge and cocktail cabinet), a Zig battery status display with a car/caravan rocker switch on the cab dashboard, but I cannot find the controls to actually charge the leisure battery anywhere. I’ve been given a paper showing wiring for the ZIG DCU/3 so it must be somewhere, but I just cannot find it anywhere — the circuit breakers are on the side of the passenger seat so I’m assuming it must be close to them… any hints for this clueless camper?

Thanks so much!

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Re: ZIG DCU/3 on a Legend GL

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