The good old engine debate....

for questions and answers about alternative power transplants on the T25, GTi, Porsche,Subaru etc, this is the place. You must register to post but anyone can read.

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Re: The good old engine debate....

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mrhutch wrote: 18 Nov 2020, 10:45 Define the brief.

What do you want to achieve?  What's the most important factor (fuel economy/speed/torque/budget)?  

Unless you can clearly state the problem then you can't find the correct solution..

Speed & torque. I want to be able to cruise along at 60/65 and tackle hills without any real issue - this is the whole point of this. Reliability, I want something I can set of on a journey and trust it will get me there and back. I am not overly concerned about economy.

After that, of course it is budget. I want the simplest, which often equals most cost effective, upgrade path. I also want bang, or let’s say horse power for the buck. There is no point spending X to get Y, when spending a little bit more than X gets me 2xY.

Does that make sense?
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Re: The good old engine debate....

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then, IMHO you should go with the AGG/ADY option.

once installed it's easy to service, work on etc..  you already have all the fitting kit as you're starting from a diesel.
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