camping in luxury

The Tardis factor (interiors , awnings, roofs etc)

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camping in luxury

Post by terryvanman »

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dave friday
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Re: camping in luxury

Post by dave friday »

Strangely it looks quite a faff ,not for me ta!
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Re: camping in luxury

Post by MattBW »

I bet that does even less mpg than a t25 ;)
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Re: camping in luxury

Post by poshbuggers »

Too much gear, too much faffing around, rubbish for parking, rubbish MPG.

Alright for working and living in I guess but only if someone is paying the bills. Great if you have to live at your work and periodically travel.

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Re: camping in luxury

Post by itchyfeet »

Strickly speaking camping is a holiday in a tent,
i like to think of my tin top as a tent on wheels but that thing cant be described as camping
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Re: camping in luxury

Post by thechubbsdub »

Love the solar panel arrangement but not sure about the colour of that washing up bowl. What were they thinking about when they bought that!!
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Re: camping in luxury

Post by moggymorgan »

Thats not camping, its an exercise in technology, takes 3 huurs before you can get a brew on.
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