Campsites Near Adinkerke, Belgium

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Campsites Near Adinkerke, Belgium

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We're going to take our newly MOT'd T25 for a tobacco and booze run to Adinkereke in Belgium next week. This is the first time we will have taken Kippin abroad and plan to stay overnight in Belgium before returning.

Firstly any tips on the crossing? We've taken the car previously, do we need to book the ferry/ Eurostar as a motorhome? (even though we're no bigger than a chelsea tractor)

Secondly, can anyone recommend a campsite near to Adinkerke or on the route between there and Calais or the nearby surrounding area? To be honest I'm a bit nervous about camping abroad for the first time in the camper but reckon it would be an interesting adventure and a good way to pave the way for future longer trips to the continent.

As usual, campsites near to a local bar would be given priority!

Any advice for this short trip would be appreciated.

Many thanks, Mark