Is an awning extra

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Is an awning extra

Post by Marshmallow »

So was just going to book our first trip away in out van and put all the dates in on the availability with the correct number of adults and children and then it asked to add extras, one of them being an awning - so when we used to camp in a tent we had a car and a tent, now we have a van and drive away awning which probably takes up less room than an estate car and a large 8 man tent, so should I tick that as it added an extra £20 or so, or is this for a car and caravan and awning??

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Re: Is an awning extra

Post by evilnoodle »

It should say somewhere on the website for the campsite what is included in the pitch fee. Some include hook-up, awning etc, but some charge separately.

I hate it when sites add all sorts of extras so that what looked like a reasonably priced site ends up not being so!!!
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Re: Is an awning extra

Post by littlecharlie »

Yep, unfortunately..

Marshmallow wrote:takes up less room than an estate car and a large 8 man tent

This irritates me too, often tempted to book as a car & tent but being British I just stay quiet & pay up!
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Re: Is an awning extra

Post by ringo »

We take up less room than a caravan, an awning and a car too.

This really annoys me.

Some sites charge for a pup tent. We use one to store child seats and bikes etc. I refuse to pay it and so far, have always got away with it.

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Re: Is an awning extra

Post by nobbyfox »

AS long as it fits within your allocated pitch it should not be an issue.
We have been charged in the past for an awning but it was a couple of pounds extra.
If you are charged the same rate again for an awning i would go elsewhere.
We tried to book this year at a campsite in Wales and were told that we would have to park our T25 (including awning) with the caravans on a hard standing!!!
I phoned and asked why cars and tents are different. Still same answer.
We booked elsewhere :)
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Re: Is an awning extra

Post by thechubbsdub »

The charge that always amazes me is dogs, like this one ... ariffs.php" onclick=";return false; We don't have a dog but £2.90 a night, why? how can a dog cost the campsite anything?
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