volksware r+r bed (reviews please)

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volksware r+r bed (reviews please)

Post by ed82 »

Hi folks,

As title says, I have a panel van and am looking for a bed/seat that my little one can sit on on the move.
The reason I like the look of this one is that it has a gap once in seat mode for the seat belt to come between and I like the idea of the sprung metal mesh for extra comfort.
Before I part with my hard earnt cash I am looking for some reviews on what you guys thing especially if you have one. the alternative is the bluebird I guess so come on guys which one is the best all rounder.

Cheers ed

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Re: volksware r+r bed (reviews please)

Post by vwdude »

Can only comment on the Bluebird type have one in the bay & have now fitted one in the T25 both are great the only downside is you have to build a box to raise the floor level unlike the bay that just goes in with no mods.As for Bluebird can only say great people to deal with very helpfull & have never had a problem with anything i have had off them.

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Re: volksware r+r bed (reviews please)

Post by RODEO »

Not a review,just my 2p..........I was worried about the safety aspect of a 'normal' R&R bed eg foam on plywood,as I intend to carry adults in the back.I hadnt heard of Bluebird until reading this post,so I mounted a Rover 200 rear seat on a steel frame,and fitted seat belts.Now 2 adults can sit comfortably .