Rover seats

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Rover seats

Post by zander »

Hi thought would put this out there, Found set of rover 620 leather seat in the brakers good condition, looking at the runners only look to be about 20mm wide and though not had a good look at the bottom of the seat look like the same unbolt and space fix as saab seats.
Has anybody had a go at fitting Rover seats or will be the first to try and fail ?? going on holiday for a few weeks then if there still there i'll pick them up and have a go, If anybody is intrested i'll post some pic's, on the same note if anybody has any other seats fitted how did you get on,

Thanks Col. :?

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Re: Rover seats

Post by jamesc76 »

I've had a few non standard seats , I made up brackets to still use the vw runners so I can take um out easy etc, If you have a mig welder anything can be maed to fit!
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