turbo types

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turbo types

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my friend has had fitted a brand new sb turbo diesel which came minus turbo into his 90 leisure drive camper and his old turbo is knackered which the mechanic says is a garret, this is the second engine change and and done by the same mechanic who says the original engines(unknown) turbo was watercooled. on the replacement. the new sb has the water takeoffs my question is does anyone know the model or type of turbo that has the watercooling as this must make for a more reliable engine and what type of pipe fittings or where to get any of these items? as fitted to the original engine. do all of the fitted turbos garret borg warner etc have the same flange to manifold fit ? any ideas please as van ready to go minus turbo many thanks

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Re: turbo types

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the turbo on the SB in Europe I think was the K14 (borg warner) - I'm not 100% sure but I think the exhaust manifold flange is also common to the Garrett T2 series turbo. Not sure about any downpipe modifications you'd have to make for the T25 exhaust itself. The AAZ and JX had turbos which also might work.

The watercooling on the SB (never reproduced by vw on later TDs AFAIK) only helps when the turbo is very hot, and if you've got decent oil cooling it should be fine - in fact the turbo will be happier a bit hotter - you don't want it too cool. Folk that retrofit SB turbos often don't worry about the water cooling. I reckon you could consider a turbo which is only oil-cooled and block off the water ports for the turbo - it's an option anyway.

You could try asking this in the alternative engine section and you may get answers from folk that know more, or have put this engine in.