Another alt steering wheel post

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Another alt steering wheel post

Post by toyclean »

Hi all

I've read a lot of posts about replacement steering wheels but can't find the answer I need. I've seen a Golf gti 1988 steering wheel for sale on ebay and it gives the spline size as 42T. I have a 1989 van and I wonder if anyone knows what the spline size for that year is. I've seen 1989 referred to as a crossover year so perhaps I'll need to measure something. That's the next question, what does 42T refer to in terms of measurement? Is it just a mm diameter? And what's the 'T'?

Hope someone can help.


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Re: Another alt steering wheel post

Post by AdrianC »

Could just be saying "42 splines" - T for teeth...?
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Re: Another alt steering wheel post

Post by Plasticman »

Have a search on here , I found oneWheel adaptor) that vw do and its about £10ish
mk3 golfs have a spline size thats the samew as ours and vw fit a push on adaptor to increase this to take all the later wheels