Just checking - hub caps... keeping them on...

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Just checking - hub caps... keeping them on...

Post by purplechugster »

A mildly ridiculous question... :roll:

After too long with no hubcaps, I finally got some new ones. So on they go - 'clunk'. Is that it? Do you just push them on over the lump bits on the wheel? They seem solid enough, but clearly they can fall off (hence needing some new ones). Or is there 'hub cap locking glue'?? :? :roll: :wink:

Or am I missing a trick here?

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Post by j_robi »

cable ties, they are magic

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Post by hanloncole »

Yes just bang them on over the lumps on the steel wheel and they will stay on. assume your talking about the original chrome ones with VW pressed in the centre.
Put some grease on the inside smear a thin layer stops them rusting from the inside which is what wrecks them in the end.
The aftermarket cheaper ones circa £6 are basically crap andd will only last about a year to two years before going rusty and they are about 5 times thinner than genuine but then genuine ones are £25 each. Best getting some good second hand genuine ones rather than cheap new ones as they are more likely to stay on. Never lost one yet in over 15 years driving with them on. just make sure when you have banged them on that they are on the same amount all round. Get a proper cap puller don't use a screwdriver to prise them off like garages do this warps them if they are cheap and puts little rust spots on your wheels as it takes the paint off.

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Post by smavan »

simons right the genuine ones are better, however i have some baby moons from jk and after two years they are ok'ish. the thin layer of grease is definately a good move on the inside (don't use waxoyl like i first did,as your wheels heat up when you brake it goes runny and makes a real mess) on the outside i use autosol metal cleaner. two winters have taken their toll though as there is a little bit of pitting on them,i just keep polishing them though and from a distance they look fine.
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