Camber Adjustment???

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Re: Camber Adjustment???

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oops, looks like I was wrong. I was pretty sure it wasn't but obviously wrong. Sorry.
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Re: Camber Adjustment???

Post by dwayne »

mwheatley wrote:Looks like both you and your "VW Mechanic" would benefit from a Haynes Manual. It's all in there.

I know!!!!! There's a bit like hens teeth thought aren't they? ... 1859604528 , not that hard to come by , I got mine from halfords
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Re: Camber Adjustment???

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I must admit to not knowing about the rear adjustment but it is there!

Simon wrote: On the bolts, outers do camber, inners do tracking.
Elongated slots.
Outer bolt is always siezed.
Inner isn't.

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