German winter tyre law ???

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Re: German winter tyre law ???

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kevtherev wrote:Could someone explain what the most obvious differences are with winters and normal?
I have made a lot of tyres in my time but never a winter tyre
I'm assuming it's a very soft compound with block tread pattern and thin?

They have a more open tread pattern (bit like the old Town & Country) and the have, I think, a higher silicone content so that the tyre is "softer".
They don't work very well above +6/7c and wear out very quickly.
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Re: German winter tyre law ???

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There is some good info about winter tyres from a reputable source on this page.
Also a lot of other useful stuff that answers commonly asked questions about tyres. ... tatements/


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Re: German winter tyre law ???

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Thanks guys
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Re: German winter tyre law ???

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Cheers peeps..

DOH.. didnt think to post it in the wheels and tyres tech forum.. I forgot we had a tyre one in here...
Been away since posting... just got back

Tyres are for the scooby.. and it performs very well on the worn "summers" even in the snow..

I was going to get a set of winters a couple of months ago.. but was skinter than a skint thing... now there are none left..

If these tyres are marked M+S (told they are and they are classed as an all season) then thats great.. I'll be legal.. even if they are not quite as good as full winters.. (scooby 4wd will make up for most of that..) I understand that.. wanted to buy tyres so I was legal... not waste money on something thats not...

On the syncro I run semperit vangrip winters all year round.. they have lasted very well and are about half way down.. prob done more than 50k km on them... (prob a lot more as its clocked 200k and I bought it with 143k on it.. cant remember when I got the winters) they were great last year in the snow and ice.. only done 4 or 5 k since then...