just a thought ....spare wheel

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just a thought ....spare wheel

Post by gordy »

hey just a thought for a compact light weight spare wheel, my friends new merc compact has the smallest spare ever and once inflated seems to unfold bigger and become a full working spare ... good for those who's spares in the boot??

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Re: just a thought ....spare wheel

Post by toomanytoys »

Yeah, but what weight will it carry... ?? as it needs to be at least a 97 load rating.... and the rims usually have a funny offset...

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Re: just a thought ....spare wheel

Post by silverbullet »

Gordy, you're on about those Pirelli collapsable/reducing-diameter spares that you have to inflate with the mini compressor in the car's toolkit? My (now Dad's) Audi Allroad has one on a full-size alloy spare (255/55/17) and the car weighs a takeaway short of 2000kg kerb weight.
The wheel still has the "55mph max speed" warning labels even though it is a full-size tyre.
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