Skylight for Devon Moonraker

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Skylight for Devon Moonraker

Post by fourcandles »

Hello all and many thanks for the advice so far.

So I bought a 1980 Devon Moonraker which needs bits and bobs tidying up the first issue is the Skylight as its letting in water.

Anyone know where i can get the correct replacement?

Many Thanks and probably a lot more questions to come.

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Re: Skylight for Devon Moonraker

Post by billybigspud »

This is the one you want but shop around. They are expensive though and still need a fettle ... wUK2nk8gds" onclick=";return false;

H Julia
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Re: Skylight for Devon Moonraker

Post by H Julia »

Hi there - maybe you have sorted this now , otherwise have a look at oleary motor homes and search wind up rooflight. It is the same measurements and 50.99
Cheers, julia,
1981 2.0 l air cooled Devon