Bike rack.

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Bike rack.

Post by Bonfireboy »

Hi. Looking for a rack that will take 4no bikes. I have a hi-top so dont want to clash with that. Its also got the body kit... so i assume fitting a tow bar one is out of the question. Anyone with any advice? Cheers.
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Re: Bike rack.

Post by nobbyfox »

Do you have a tow bar?
I bought a Thule Hang-on 4 bike. Fits really well on the towbar and easily supports 2 adult and 2 kids bikes.
Think rated to 65kg

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Re: Bike rack.

Post by vandad »

I used a normal Fiamma bike rack for a T25. I replaced the 3 bike fold down bar with an extending 4 bike one from a different Fiamma rack (designed for a larger RV type vehicle). Cheers Vandad.
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Re: Bike rack.

Post by clift_d »

The original bicycle racks that were fitted to Westys are by Paulchen - if you do a vehicle search through their online shop you can see them online. With the right fittings they can carry unto 4 bicycles and they'll work with a hightop. They also have extension legs that sat on the rear bumper so it means that not all of the weight is carried by the door.

If you buy the kit new from Paulchen it'll set you back several hundred Euros, but if you're not in a hurry keep an eye on the classifieds, or post a wanted notice. They also come up fairly regularly on - if you can find a seller who'll post to the UK and will take Paypal then you should get a reasonable price.
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