Dash pods *how to the gauges stay in them? :S*

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Dash pods *how to the gauges stay in them? :S*

Post by Cheeky V »

Hi guys, bought 3 of these for Cheeky V

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-52mm-Car-Ga ... 3a85fa9504" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

got 3 gauges. Rev counter, oil pressure and oil temp

But how do you make them sit in the pods?
1: without falling out.
2: so they sit centrally in the pod and don't look pants!

I did try drilling a whole to put a screw in to pin it in place but it just pushes the gauge of center! I could drill 3 holes and pin them like that but not seen anyone else have to result to it and it would be a little Frankenstein esk!

Will post a pic of where they're mounted when finished :ok
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Re: Dash pods *how to the gauges stay in them? :S*

Post by itchyfeet »

Dunno, the one i have has two holes in the back and guagues usually have two studs, studs slip through holes nuts on outside

How about wrap insulation take around the guage, keep going until its just the right diameter to slip in
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Re: Dash pods *how to the gauges stay in them? :S*

Post by bigherb »

The O ring fits between the gauge and pod and holds it in.
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