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leisure battery

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hi all, got a new battery for the season. its been running the normal bits plus my amp and stereo system, with no problems. but on our first trip with the new 12v cooler box, it doesnt charge back up to the same level as before. have i damaged it, by letting it go too flat? cheers guys.

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Re: leisure battery

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Unfortunately, probably yes......I should try and exchange under warranty but don't tell them what happened.

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Re: leisure battery

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For future reference, most cool boxes pull about 8 amps out of your battery. This is only a bit less than leaving your headlights on. So using a cool box off a battery (unless it is being charged by the engine running, as in driving along) is never going to be a good idea :(

Letting any "lead acid" type battery fall to less than ~11.5 volts is very bad for it.
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