sliding door cover removal

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sliding door cover removal

Post by mbcamper »

I want to remove the panel which covers up the sliding door mechanism; the bit under the rear window...

So far I've removed the screws holding it in place (ended up drilling the heads off the screws), and spent a bit of time trying to encourage it to come off my hitting it with a mallet from the bottom. It's not showing any sign of coming away...

Any top tips for removing this panel? I really want to remove it to I can make sure there isn't a load of rust underneath which needs sorting... I'm on a rust seeking mission if you know what mean!

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Re: sliding door cover removal

Post by itchyfeet »

Pull it out at the bottom so the fixing lugs are clear of the fixing lugs welded to the body
then give it a sharp push upward with your palm, if it hasnt been off for years you may need a rag to protect the paint, block of wood and a hammer.
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Re: sliding door cover removal

Post by Plasticman »

i would add that when yopu pull it away from the body ,you should bend the tweo fixing lugs down so the the panel is now on top of them , then to help free it, pull cover away from body and back a few times then solid thumps up with heel of your hand,then more in out and so oon