Plastic windows.....has she buggered them???

Thin bits of metal and bright blue light.

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Re: Plastic windows.....has she buggered them???

Post by Oldiebut goodie »

I recommend Brasso also - it is what I use for the final polish when I am doing amber which is roughly the same hardness. Used to use it on plastic watch glasses to good effect also. I have some stone polishing compound also that is good for glass hard stuff. (meant to be used for the final polish in my stone polishing drums)
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Re: Plastic windows.....has she buggered them???

Post by pirate-pete »

Used liquid Brasso with fingernail pressure on a j-cloth on a second hand dg pane that had paint overspray all over it. By the time the overspray had gone the window pane was like new. Hopefully the pan scouring will rub out just the same. The brasso reminds me of the old red can TCut but I think T-cut has changed its formula nowadays.
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Re: Plastic windows.....has she buggered them???

Post by paulandchez »

Yes I can confirm I did the same as pirate-pete above. Just did it all by hand with J cloths. It didn't take much and I only did each window once but it took out loads of scratches. I presume if you did use a rotary polisher of some sort, you;d just get a better finish and have less soreness in your hands!

But I agree with Oldie too.....if she does it again, I'll be passing her the brasso!!!!
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