Oh no! Another coolant hose requirement

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Oh no! Another coolant hose requirement

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Mine's a 1900cc WBX of B-reg vintage, not sure whether it's a DF or DG engine though

A hose joins the right side of the carb [looks like to the auto-choke temp sensor] down to the firewall-side of the inlet manifold. But it does so via 3 bends.

Problem is, the carb end is smaller diameter than the other end, ie it reduces after the last bend before the carb.

Handy tip: I managed to "fix" it with insulating tape to stem the flow, wrapped around many times, and then supported with zip ties. It got me back home...

Any ideas, anyone know who might make up custom hoses, or anyone got an old one kicking around?


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Re: Oh no! Another coolant hose requirement

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Dont know if you have found your answer but, I have just got one of the replacement hoses ive needed from a MAIN VW dealershp locally in Croydon, the website was

http://www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

You'll need the OEM part number which should be stamped on the hose itself...eg 025 121 060...

The other hose I need is obsolete now - :roll: so i think im going to have to repair the original somehow..

Good luck...
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