5th Gear Makes A Grinding Noise And Wont Stay In :(

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5th Gear Makes A Grinding Noise And Wont Stay In :(

Post by cheeksofjoy »

Hi there,

I have a poorly campervan named Rupert.

He's been a dream until of late.

He's a 1.9 Diesel.. 1989.. With a Golf 1Y Engine

All was well, until MOT time. When he failed due to a leaky fuel pump yet ran fine.

After some contemplation, we decided that sourcing another pump was going to work out best instead of a rebuild.

It ended up causing our nice mechanic a massive headache, as it didn't fit properly and lots of adjustments, and brackets needed to be made.

Job all done, i was happy. Knowing he would be back on the road and all good again.

Yet instead he started making a strange noise coming from the engine area (not too sure where exactly). It sounds like some form of ticking/clicking.

He also started leaking lots of oil from new areas. The dipstick seal went, and one of the gasket seals joining the head.

Now, every time i try and put him into 5th gear, he goes in, but then grinds out. This happens pretty much right away.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

I would love to hear any advice :)

He's a very loved van, and we want to make him better. Yet are on a very tight budget.

Thanks in advance!!