Suspect Hall Sensor

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Suspect Hall Sensor

Post by Yozza »

Had to call the fellas in orange the other night - engine kept cutting out when it got hot (no ignition). From what I've read this could be the hall sensor playing up when it gets warm. Or something else???

BW are out of stock and I'm keen to get one so that I'm mobile again. Any of you good folk know where I can put my hands on one. Spoke to Euro who said they're obsolete from Bosch :shock:

Alternatively anyone got a good working dizzy for a 2.1i :D :D :D

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Re: Suspect Hall Sensor

Post by Simon Baxter »

They are obsolete.
We have some alternatives, however the electrical connector is a different style
You need to chop the plug off and replace it with the right one.
We also have those, and a rather expensive boot to go with it.
The terminals you need we also have, they landed today..
I'm not in Weds, but drop a mail to sales@ and I'm sure Michael will get them on the shop for you after he's waded though a kazillion e-mails through the day.
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Re: Suspect Hall Sensor

Post by fairwynds »

Could also be coil. Check all connections on the ht leads, and the leads themselves. Check connections at ecu and the one at the dizzy too. Same symptoms on my mates van. Pain in the a*** to trace when the fault is intermittent!
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Re: Suspect Hall Sensor

Post by Aidan »

got a dj disi here