Tinware - should I have it?

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Item K exhaust heat deflector tinware missing part

Post by camper »

On removing the engine and dismayed at the state of rusting away tinware and heat exchangers.My eyes noticed this part item K which has about 6 inches of it left .I need two replacement heat flap control tubes which the cables control that come off the heat exchangers.

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Post by sendiw »

There is no such part on my van either. It was probably made for much warmer climates than ours.
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Post by toolsntat »

Did you manage to replace yours Keith??
Just done me exhaust and noticed mine has this but fast disintegrating with about 6" missing.....
Any knocking about out there??
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Post by CovKid »

Not cosmetic. I fitted a bored up bug engine to a T25 crewcab a few years ago and had to make tinware from aluminium sheet from scratch as there was nothing around to fit that configuration.

Its amazing how much difference it makes with a seal between upper and lower parts of engine bay likewise the rubber seals around sparkplug holes in tinware. With everything in place, the temperature inside upper engine bay was low but I've run bugs with missing tinware and it does indeed create an oven with bits missing.

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Post by cumbriankeith »

No I didn't replace or fabricate anything to do with this part - my engine runs a a reasonable temp in my opinion - oil is around 100 to 115 deg C on motorway, occasionally reaching 130 for a short time on long hills. I believe this to be within acceptable limits.
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Post by camper »

That piece of tinware part K was missing off a T25 Devon of which i had owned.When i sorted out a few issues with the engine and tinware after installation i did not have an approved VW engine bay seal .I made inquires and found out cost new was aprox £70.00.Some one suggested i could use pipe a grey coloured foam pipe insulation obtained from a well known diy store.I cut this to fit around the T25 engine bay as to obtain a good seal.When i ran the engine for driving and testing on stopping in traffic i could smell burnt plastic.On investigation i discovered this was due to the hot exhaust box heat scorching the bay seal.I fabricated the part k and fitted it.This cured the scorching effect as it acted as a sheild for the hot air off the box.I am thinking would an VW aproved enging bay seal have been affected by the hot air and radiated coming off the exhaust if it does could this have been the reason why it was part of the tinware.

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missing tinware

Post by mike the van »

I am just in the process of putting rebuilt CU engine back and the part K was 2/3 rusted out, nice and simple flat sheet, so I am putting one on made out of thin ali


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Post by Willoughby »


It's one of the first bits of tin to disappear, along with the RHS exchanger mount. Usually when kwik-fit get near the exhaust.

Im no expert but replacing this bit made a difference to the running of my 1981 CU.

The part in question is the rusty bit at the top (best I could find). I had the heat exchanger and silencer off over the weekend to rebuild the exchangers and took some photos.