Diesel dipsticks

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Diesel dipsticks

Post by monkeynut »

Do the Dipstick tubes just plug in on the vw diesels? ie swap the standard one from my tdi with the one of a lets say a 1.7 ? so can check level from the back of number plate (they look like a straight swap ) :)
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Post by oldiguana »

when i did my conversion there was a seat/seal missing from my dipstick and was running out of time(newquay was beckoning!),so i shortened and modified the golf one,then cured all the oil leaks so dont really need to check it that often.............
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Post by Horza »

Monkeynut, Yes. It will not however give an accurate reading out of the box. You will have to fit the dipstick, let the oil out, do the filter thing, add a measured amount of oil (4.5 Litres ?), run it and mark the dipstick so you know what constitutes the correct amount.

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