Replacing petrol hoses

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Replacing petrol hoses

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Recently replaced all the flexible rubber fuel hoses and clips on my 2.1 injection, used the proper hi pressure stuff that is rated to 12 bar, but the outer diameter of the new stuff was slightly bigger than the old hose, so getting the outer protective sleeving used in the engine bay back on was tricky, decided to use washing up liquid to make the sleeving slide on easier.
*BAD IDEA! DON'T DO IT* the rubber hose has since reacted with something in the washing up liquid, and gone soft and started to bulge and seperate/de-laminate in any area which had the washing up liquid on it. :shock: this could have been very nasty if left, i feel sure it would eventually have failed and possibly caused a fire. the proper stuff to use is a silicon based spray i've been told, something like Silkolene Pro-Prep, or similar. i'm replacing them again now but won't be using fairy liquid again, might leave the sleeving off, i think its just there to prevent the hoses rubbing against anything metal and sharp which shouldnt be a problem if they're routed right and tie-wrapped where necessary so they can't move about.

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Just imagine what it does to your hands. :D :D

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