The Rage-storation: I Shoulda Bought a God-damned Harley!

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Re: The Rage-storation: I Shoulda Bought a God-damned Harley!

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Rosc0PColtrane wrote: Won't take a minute


your right - nothing does when owning these :mrgreen:
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Re: The Rage-storation: I Shoulda Bought a God-damned Harley!

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Not a huge amount of news. The LPG is fully serviceable and working great. loving 59p a litre for fuel. Sold my BMW and bought a Mini Cooper S (the older supercharged one) with the remaining funds put aside for Van stuff.

The leaks at the rear are still there, I need to track them between the inner and outer skin of the hard top. Hoping to be able to temporarily fix them so I can use the bus properly. I just need a little more daylight than these winter months afford. Or perhaps the night and a bright torch might do the job when shined from the outside...

One of the sunroofs has a leak too. Have made inquiries, but the old Happich sunroofs are virtually unheard of and Happich themselves don't support these older formats. I have a company in Bristol investigating, really need to chase them up thinking about it!

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