Adventure Overland Show - Thanks

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Adventure Overland Show - Thanks

Post by HarryMann »

Despite less than lovely shiney happy weather this turned into another great meet where peeps meet talk drink eat and add merriment.

Thanks TO EVERYONE that came as well as those that visited our stand.
Thanks to all helpers, you know who you are... and all who created such high quality and original food dishes for the Saturday night communal feast ! And there was plenty of it too...

Especial thanks must go to Simon/Jilly and Dai Debs for going the extra mile to help bring equipment and take back to store. Also Aidan and Sean/Fiona for sorting his concertina display boards and Ian Holman fir bringing the VC display.
And mustn't go without a ThankYou to young Isaac (CamperVanCulture) Walsh for tireless help with the displays to the bitter end!

Sorry if we forgot you...

Next year, hopefully with better weather, we'll be allocated more prominent space and have a larger contingent visit or camp with us.

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Re: Adventure Overland Show - Thanks

Post by Wedgies »

and of course a BIG thank you to your good self, Clive, and the fragrant (& I suspect brains of the operation... :wink: ) Jenny - top job!!

So thank you both xxx

See you soon,
Kirsty, David & Esther :ok

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