Can I see your paint job?

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Can I see your paint job?

Post by mariner »

So, myself and the wife have hit an impasse. After several months our van is about ready for its new paint job. Back in '85 it was originally blue, is currently off white and we were thinking two tone white/turkis green for her new look. Apparently, despite having the code, the formula for turkis green is no longer available and having had some alternative samples made up we're now in a state of decision paralysis. We've have gone colour blind from looking at two tone T25s online! 

Be brilliant if anyone is prepared to share/show off their paint job, two tone or not. Only thing I'd ask is that you let us know the specific paint colour/code, whether VW or borrowed from elsewhere. Any colour or shade currently an option. Thanks for any pictures that help restore marital harmony!
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Re: Can I see your paint job?

Post by rollercoaster »

I saw a lovely Bay once that had an interesting touch,
the owner had retrimmed it in a fetching kind of tweed,
and then had his two tone colour made to match,
by using a wrap company to photo the tweed!

Very inspiring I thought, 
and it reminds me that you could stay white,
choosing a wrap for some parts,
and knowing its also changeable,
much better than trying to change a wife!
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