Ethanol added to petrol

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Ethanol added to petrol

Post by Ralf85 »

I've been avoiding cheap fuels that include 10% ethanol to preserve my fuel hoses for years. That's been fine until recently. Now, my local Shell stations are only selling petrol, both standard and super with 5% ethanol added. Is this a general policy of fuel suppliers to cut costs? Will there be a choice going forward?

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Re: Ethanol added to petrol

Post by tobydog »

Ralf85 wrote:Is this a general policy of fuel suppliers to cut costs?
Nope" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Ethanol added to petrol

Post by 937carrera »

The permitted ethanol levels have increased recently, I have noticed that V-Power is now shown as E10, when it wasn't before. I also noted that the pumps no longer states that petrol meets BS-EN 228

The regulations arise out of the EU Renewable Energy Directive 2009.

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Re: Ethanol added to petrol

Post by Swebby »

Looks like E10 will become the norm." onclick=";return false;

This will obviously affect the fuel lines more, but what other effects will it have on our vans?

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Re: Ethanol added to petrol

Post by clift_d »

Apart from fuel hoses, probably very little - E10 has already been on sale for a while in some UK locations, and is the standard in countries like Belgium, Finland, France and Germany.

For those that aren't aware it's worth re-iterating that generic fuel hose, with an SAE 30R9 or SAE 30R14 specification, may actually only be rated for 5% (E5) ethanol content, so be really careful if you're buying hose online.

The good manufacturers will make their fuel hose so that it exceeds the requirements of R9 or R14 - for example the stuff that Brickwerks sell, or a product like Gates Barricade, which are rated for 100% (E100) ethanol content.
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