Automatic 2.1ltr T25

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Automatic 2.1ltr T25

Post by wil7496 »

Does anyone have and use an automatic 2.1 camper, if so, what are they like, are they reliable or problamatic?

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Re: Automatic 2.1ltr T25

Post by R0B »

I love my 2.1 auto. But like any other old vehicle they can have their problems. Auto boxes are not easy to get hold of should it need replacing. Finding a good re builder can be problematic. Having said that they are a joy to drive.
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Re: Automatic 2.1ltr T25

Post by izzybarnard »

My auto gearbox in my 1988 Hightop is one of the best autobox's I've ever driven with and only just behind my Borg Warner 3 speed auto box in my XJS.
I was 100% surprised how good it is and would 100% recommend.

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Re: Automatic 2.1ltr T25

Post by maxstu »

Fantastic to drive. I have a 2.1 auto with PAS and ABS. Drives nearly as good to a (from the 90's :)) modern car. So effortless when parking and reversing in tight spots. Keep on top of gearbox levels though. And be sure the starter motor, different to manual, is strong throughout from key ignition to alternator. New Bosch on my camper cost £240. So they are costly to replace if you cannot rebuild internals. And no bump starting if it fails...
You are welcome to test drive mine if near Margate
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