Garage recommendation for grill and fridge please

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Garage recommendation for grill and fridge please

Post by Bb89 »

Hello :D

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good garage/repair shop. I've treated myself to a 1988 enterprise hardtop for my 30th birthday so I can have lots of adventures with my son who's nearly 1

But the grill has completely rusted off and broken and our fridge doesn't work. It's hard to find time to attempt to fix things (like the fridge) with a little one and working. I'd like to just go to a professional who knows what they are doing and has done it before. I live in bromley south London but I am happy to travel for 2 hours to get it done if anyone knows anyone?

I'd also like to turn the hardtop roof into storage for the next few years, I saw some posts on here with someone using a baby gate to secure things up top but any other advice or ideas would be very much appreciated!

Thanks for reading my post, thrilled to be a part of this club


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Re: Garage recommendation for grill and fridge please

Post by Mocki »

By hardtop I assume you mean high top ?
In twenty odd years of driving a high top I have never needed anything up there to stop stuff falling , and if you do, a cargo net would be both easier and safer and take up less room when not in use .....

As for fridge and cooker ( I assume that what you mean by grill ) any caravan shop will be able to sort that. But I hope you have a spare arm or leg to pay them !

There is plenty of info on these pages on fridge issues , the diagnostic process is simple .

Enjoy your van
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