intermittant brake failure

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intermittant brake failure

Post by badgerfax »

Just got back from 2 weeks of trouble free driving in France and approaching Calais ferry terminal I had a skid mark enducing food to the floor, where the F have the brakes gone moment. This happend twice but not on the drive back from Dover.
The master cylinder was replaced last year.
No loss of fluid either
Pedal solid
Any ideas oh wise ones?
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Re: intermittant brake failure

Post by Swebby »

Oil on the road?

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Re: intermittant brake failure

Post by asterix_the_gaul »

You had a foot to the floor no brakes issue, if master cylinder not to blame and no obvious fluid leak, so air in the system or minor fluid leaks from calipers or rear cylinders, the front calipers do the main stopping power so that's where I would look to start with
Are you absolutely sure fluid not a touch low? How is it getting into gear? The clutch and brakes share the same reservoir so if the clutch system is leaking, like a failing slave cylinder then that can affect the brakes as well as being difficult to get into gear, fluid does not have to be that low to start to give you problems
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